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How to build a sustainable Mothers CAN group


Are you driven to do something about climate change but need some support to get going?  Mothers CAN is running a fully funded ten week programme (2 hours per week),  to help climate concerned mums set up action groups in their local communities across the UK.  


The course will help you learn to:

  • Talk about the climate so that people will listen

  • Find like-minded mums and parents in your community

  • Understand your self-interest and how to motivate others 

  • Develop your Mothers CAN group and schedule a supported ‘meet’

  • Choose an issue and build a winning strategy 

  • Build power in your community to create positive change 

  • Engage effectively with the peer-to peer support of the wider network

  • Feel empowered, inspired and hopeful

Dates: March 2023 

Testimonials from Mums

"I feel comforted to see a group of women who share my concerns and passions. Energised by the new knowledge and understanding and focused on finding a path forward, with confidence and an ability to get a campaign off the ground."

"It has completely changed how I thought I could make an impact, it felt professional but also warm and compassionate - a difficult balance to strike."

Interested? Send us an email if you would like to know more about the programme or come to one of our upcoming Welcome Calls to find out more.

ready to sign up?

Register your interest now to be part of the 2023 cohort.

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