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Would you like to be able to have meaningful, inspiring and engaging conversations about climate change with people in your community, which can lead to collective action and systemic change in your local area?

Great! Because it turns out that something as simple as conversations with friends, colleagues, neighbours or parents at the school gate can have a big impact.

Conversations are a huge opportunity to have crucial discussions to shape our values and help us to decide what actions we want to take for the future and the next generation.

Mothers CAN has teamed up with Larger Us - which works to build broader coalitions for change - to put together a free online session to anyone who wants to be more confident and intentional when it comes to climate conversations.

We’ll be exploring 

  • Why conversations are so important and how they can lead to increased public engagement in climate action and stronger demands from those in power.

  • The barriers that hold us back from starting conversations about climate; especially when we feel passionate about it.

  • A taster of some of the skills that can help us to have hopeful, empowering and engaging conversations about the climate with people. 


We know that taking the first step to get involved can feel daunting. So join us for a welcome call to learn more about Mothers CAN, what we do and how we will help you become an active part of the network. Find out more about our ‘Anxiety to Action’ training programme, and also how to become a Mothers CAN Facillitator.  We host welcome calls once a month in the evening on Zoom. They start at 8pm and they last less than an hour.  If you are unable to make any of the below dates, please sign up for our newsletter to hear about future calls.

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