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Join us on Monday 18th Sept at 8pm for a conversation with Jo Musker-Sherwood.  Jo is an extremely successful campaigner influencing government at all levels.

'What does it mean to protect ourselves against activism-relation burnout, to act on our fears for the world without be in driven by them, and to bring the best of ourselves to the work that we do. Drawing from her experiences running a fast growing climate NGO and herself needing to recover from burnout, in this workshop, Jo will share strategies and resources that can equip us to approach our action for the climate as sustainably, joyfully and impactfully as possible.'

Join us to hear how more about Jo's strategies for building resilience in a challenging world and how we can implement them in our own lives as people wanting to take action on climate change in our local areas.

Mothers CAN create a supportive and relaxed environment, so feel free to invite your friends and bring along drinks and snacks! We look forward to meeting you!


We know that taking the first step to get involved can feel daunting. So join us for a welcome call to learn more about Mothers CAN, what we do and how we will help you become an active part of the network. Find out more about our ‘Anxiety to Action’ training programme, and also how to become a Mothers CAN Facillitator.  We host welcome calls once a month in the evening on Zoom. They start at 8pm and they last less than an hour.  If you are unable to make any of the below dates, please sign up for our newsletter to hear about future calls.

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