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To protect our children's future, we need to rapidly move away from the use of fossil fuels and create a cleaner, fairer, healthier future for us all. 

Mothers CAN is a UK-based network of mothers from all walks of life, from all over the country. We’re coming together in our communities to build power and figure out what we can do together to create change.

In our local neighbourhoods we’re making walking and biking safer, supporting renewable energy, and making sure fossil fuel companies get less money. Wherever the potential for positive change, we are getting involved! We make our local decision-makers work on our behalf, showing that our communities demand action on climate change. Through the Mothers CAN network we create the opportunity for mothers’ voices to be heard on a national platform, telling our leaders they can and must make the necessary changes to heal our only home.


This may be the first time you have thought much about the climate crisis, or you may be a seasoned climate activist - whatever your background, what we have in common is that we are mothers who want to protect our children’s futures.

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We’ll keep you updated with everything that’s going on!

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