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Mothers CAN Buckingham: Climate Café

The Mothers CAN group in Buckingham are feeling inspired after a successful community event on Earth Day. Held at the local Library, the first Climate Café in Buckingham had a fantastic turnout and we were pleased to welcome a group of people who were eager to learn more about the climate crisis and explore ways to take action. We were honoured to have the mayor of our town in attendance, and to have her support and backing will be a real advantage for future campaigns.

So why did we organise the event? We wanted to connect with other local people, to find others who cared as we do about the Climate Crisis and mobilize them to work with us on campaigns and projects that will contribute to reducing emissions and have noticeable benefits for the local community. To encourage people to attend, we invited Benjamin Sharpe, a representative from the Climate Reality Project, who delivered an informative and engaging presentation on the current state of the climate crisis and what individuals can do to make a positive impact. We were blown away by the response and the enthusiasm from attendees to work with us. We even got a new group member!

We hope that this event was just the beginning of an ongoing conversation about the climate crisis in our community. We noted suggestions for local actions that attendees would be interested in taking part in and fortunately there was quite a bit of consensus with people being concerned about the need to reduce car use and the impact of air pollution and preserving and regenerating Nature where we live. We look forward to working with everyone who attended to explore new ideas and begin our next campaign. Their knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm are truly inspiring, and we are honoured to be part of such a dedicated and passionate community.

By Fiona Kelner, Mothers CAN Buckingham

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